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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Snow, the Groundhog and the Farmer's Almanac

When I went to bed Sunday night, my metal ruler on my patio table (that I had left out since last week's snow, you know when it was over 9"), showed 8" of snow. Now at that time, the roads were fine and life was good, even if cold. When I got up Monday morning, my ruler had almost disappeared. The snow measured 11 3/4". I then went down to my studio and got my 18" ruler and placed it beside the 12" ruler. When I checked Monday evening, the 12" ruler is buried, and the 18" ruler shows 14". Now this snow is drifting snow, so please note that in other places it is deeper, but for this, I didn't want to move the ruler. This morning it showed 15". I love winter!! Anyone who knows me, knows I love the cold. But give me a break!! I feel sorry for my dog, as her stomach isn't 15" off the ground. And when you gotta go, you gotta go! My friend Kendall is out somewhere in the great white north hunting the groundhog. He's really in for it. 6 more weeks of winter!?! What was he thinking?!? If you know Kendall, you know she does NOT like winter and worships the sun! And then there's the Farmer's Almanac. It's always right, in my honest opinion. My friend Beth told me last night that at the bus stop yesterday, some ladies were talking about the Farmer's Almanac and it says we're in for snow until March 15th!!!! DH and I are just going to stay warm and cuddle and not worry about it! But the poor dog.....

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