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Friday, February 5, 2010

DD2 is 22!!

It seems like yesterday that God blessed me with a second beautiful daughter. Blessed is the correct word, because I wasn't supposed to have any more children after DD1 and then God blessed me with DD2. Yes, they are a little close in age, (1 year 1 week), but I wouldn't change it for anything in the world. This is the daughter that lives in Florida. (You know the one who moved home in December and back to Florida in January). I miss her so much. I enjoyed having her here so much! She's real creative and artistic and we had a blast playing together!
When I think of her, I picture her not at all like this photo. I picture a little girl who loved to make people laugh. She was always clowning around for an audience. It's amazing to me that she grew into such a shy young woman as she was anything but shy when she was little. We used to play a game to pick up their toys where we would count them as we put them away. Whenever it was time to pick up, she would flop on the floor and whine "my leg has a crank in it". So of course, she couldn't help. lol Her older sister was always stealing her bottle. They were and still are best friends. She always gives the best hugs. You know the kind, the kind where you know the person really wants to hug you, it's not obligatory, but real. I miss her very much. Funny since I just talked to her at lunch time, but I do. Her birthday was Wednesday. She turned 22. She's on her own, and making a life for herself and I couldn't be prouder! I love you, little girl!!

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