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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My Original Artwork in Someone's Kitchen!!

 I'm so excited!  A couple of months ago a young lady who lives in Ft. Thomas came in on First Friday and was interested in my Tile Art.  I became incredibly addicted to making these tiles last fall and had so much fun.  I told her I had a lot more at the house and if she wanted to come in the next day, she could have her choice.  Honestly, I didn't think I would ever see her again.  But sure enough, the next day she came in and picked out 7 of my tiles!   Tonight, when I got home from the shop, I had received an email from her with these pictures.
"Hi, Ramona! Attached are pictures of your art in my kitchen. I'm still lovin 'em! I used 3m strips to attach them, one on the top and one on the bottom of each and haven't had any problems.

It is so awesome to see something that you loved to create being enjoyed by someone else. 

By the way, due to the heat, the fact that it's my birthday, and that my husband is going to kidnap me for the day, the shop will be closed Friday, June 29th!  You will get 30% OFF all NEW product on Saturday the 30th in celebration of my birthday.  Have a great one!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Let's Resist Again w/ SUJI

Susan has done it again with the beautiful cards!  Join her in her second Resist class and learn the tricks to making these three beautiful cards!  These photos really don't do them justice.  You will make your own background stamp and have it to take home after the class!!!  Learn the secrets to wax paper resist, too!  These cards are stunning!  Call today and reserve your seat while there's still time.  The class is Thursday, June 28th at both 12:30 and 6:30.  The cost if $15.00!

Monday, June 11, 2012

MA Evans in CT

The infamous washi tape!
Sitting on the porch with Curt's birdhouse!
"Where did you get these towers for your inkpads?"

View through the FRONT door of the house!

Bedroom chest of drawers full of ribbon.

"Of course, Margy got this for you."
     Stopped in Connecticut to visit MA Evans from the Gingerwood Board yesterday afternoon!  MaryAnn has been to the shop the past two years and spent the day.  We met on Gingerwood several years ago and it just so happens that she had met a dear friend of mine, Margy, online also.  She and Margy became extremely close and Mary Ann visits her once a year.  She sends goodies to Ink or Dye which is the stamp club Margy and I belong to.  Of course, she’s not going to come to NKY and not visit me and the shop!  Year before last, she came to Your Stamping Cottage the day before she went to Stampaway so that she could get the BEST deals.  She spent quite a bit and then went to Stampaway thinking she wouldn’t spend as much there.  She was wrong!  Lol

     After seeing her stamp room (house) I see why she couldn’t resist all the great deals at the shop as well as Stampaway.  Truly, I thought I had a lot of stamps.  I have none.  Not one.  I must buy more to try and keep up, lol.  OMG!  She has binders and binders and binders and drawers and drawers and drawers and more and more.  And then there’s ribbon.  Holy Cow!  In her bedroom, she has a chest of drawers.  Don’t we all?  No clothes.  Drawers, everyone of them, filled with ribbon!!!  The dies, the inks, the tools, the material, the paper,  the toys, the … EVERYTHING!  The kitchen had stamping stuff, the laundry room had stamping stuff, the bedroom, the AMAZING stamp room and we didn’t even go upstairs where there is MORE! 

     Her home is gorgeous.  Located in the middle of nowhere, Salem, CT, everywhere you look are trees and stone fences and across the road are horses.  She even has an outhouse.  Of course she sent back a box of stuff for Margy with me, including a stone!  Yeah, a stone from her yard.  And she gave me one out of her garden for my garden.  I even had her sign it for me with a sharpie!  What a doll!  You gotta love her!  The hubby and I had a nice visit with her, sitting on the porch in the rockers, the breeze blowing, the wonderfulness of being with another great friend I met through this crazy hobby I have.  Life is good!

A laugh with "The Ruler"!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Purse Box w/Cards

This little purse is just too darn cute!  My friend Margy found one at a craft show and loaned it to me to see if I could recreate it.  OMG!  It was a challenge, but I did it!  I must say this one is more stable because of the cardstock I chose.  This one has a LOT more color because of the papers I chose.  You can bet I'll be making some of these for Christmas presents! 
It holds a post it note set along with a color ink pen.  Three regular bookmarks and a special flower bookmark.  The purse itself holds at least 4 cards.  Great gift!!

You can get the written directions and learn how to make one yourself by signing up for the class on Thursda, June 21st at either 12:30 or 6:30.  Space is already limited as the purse is at the shop and several people have seen it and already signed up before I left for Boston.  If there is enough interest, I will be offering it again in July and possible August.  Be sure and call my cell phone if you want to sign up before Thursday the 14th as I'll be out of town until then.  859-466-2164.

I will also have these in the store for sale in kit form.  They will be $29.99.  The cost of the class is $25.00.  You MUST bring to class a bone folder, scissors, a 12" personal paper trimmer, two sided adhesive as well as "red line" tape.  You don't want this to come apart after you put so much work into it.  It is absolutely adorable!!  Call and sign up today!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Punch Cards w/Jackie!

Join Jackie and learn how to make these adorable animals by using everyday punches!  You will make these four cards in the class, but rest assured that these are perfect for your scrapbooking pages as well!  Remember I'm in Boston, so call my cell phone to sign up today!  I have my book on me so I will know if there is room in the class!  If I don't answer, I may be driving and I WILL call you back.  859-466-2164!  Watch the blog for photos of my trip!  Miss ya'll!!!!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

God Bless America

Akron Indiana

On the road...

I spent the past couple of days in Grand Rapids with Paul for a hearing he was assigned by the Fed. P.D's office and (he won) don't care if I ever go back...rainy, cold, no downtown shopping, just really yucky. 

They had their 42nd annual Art Festival downtown and let me tell you, I can't figure out how they made it past the first year.  Really bad.  Performance artists on different stages which were set up on different streets but all speakers pointing the same direction so the public in the streets trying to find the non-performing artists (any artist, none existed, literally) were being blasted in all directions with noise that didn't cooperate with the other noise.  I love performing artists/musicians, but when it's all combined with others, not so good.  They really need to take some lessons from Cincinnati or Bellevue.  Kinda sad if you know what I mean.
We went into the Grand Rapids Art Museum, it was "okay".  Not much there either.  Rather disappointing.  One good exhibit of the city, past, present, future.  Photos of Detroit. Artist Andrew Moore. Really disturbing, angering, sad, and hopeful.  Really enjoyed it and it really made me think.
So trying to find something in Grand Rapids to do, we discover Cirque du Soliel is in town.  Quidam.  We got tickets with no problem and went last night.  Really cool!  So glad it was going on, ‘cause without it, no reason to stay another night in Grand Rapids.
Mentone Egg Festival
Mentone Egg Festival
The drive up was really great.  Went back roads all the way and drove through Amish country.  Amazing!  The drive back was great.  Back roads all the way.  You find the coolest pieces of America when you get off the interstate.  We stumbled upon a little town called Mentone, Indiana.  Now they know how to have a street festival !  Roads closed, like Grand Rapids.  I didn’t even see a four way stop in this great little town.  Kids races, food booths set up down the street.  Craft vendors.  Games, music, Miss Mentone Festival!  Really cool.  And you know what the name of the festival was????  The Mentone Egg Festival!  Everyone having fun, enjoying each other and the festival atmosphere.  No artists, performing or otherwise, just lots of fun and excitement.  Grand Rapids could learn a thing or two from Mentone.
Mentone Egg Festival

Down the road we stumble upon Eel River Covered Bridge in Roann.  Drove across it to the cemetery.  Beautiful!
Eel River Covered Bridge

Down the road a bit further we see a beautiful display of flags on a field by a school.  Stopped to take pictures because it is absolutely breathtaking.  Seems like at Akron School in the middle of Indiana they know how to honor their veterans.

Six counties in rural Indiana have lost so many young men and women that they have taken Memorial Day to heart and have set up an amazing display honoring their fallen.  They have listed the names of all those lost since 2001 in one section and then they have listed all those lost in Viet Nam in another section.  They have the flags of all the branches of the service and then a flag for each of the military they have lost.  Quite moving.  I love back roads.  Next stop…Boston!