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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Printworks Pickup Truck

Printworks for May spotlighted a stamp with an image of the back of a pickup truck. Since I offered two classes in May for the board provided by the company, I had to design two cards. There are three cards in each class and the board only offered four total, making two cards per class. Printworks had a truck with DAD on the tailgate and made it into a pocket, really awesome. One card had "Stop and smell the flowers" on the gate, one Mom, and one Congrats with a graduation cap in the tailgate. Really great cards! The first truck I did was in blue and had "Just Married written in the back window. I tied tin cans to the bumper and it came out really cute. I was stuck on the second one, had a couple of ideas, but then my husband, Paul, had this wild idea. He said, "Turn the truck into an ambulance." You would know that he is a lawyer, but I'm sure that had nothing to do with the ambulance thought, lol. So I thought, if I use a marker to ink it and leave off the tailgate and draw in the door, it might work. Well, it did! I used an upside down flower pot from Art Impressions as the light on top, but it came out really cute. So in true Printworks style I had to do a little something on the inside.

So the thought for the day is, when you look at a stamp, think of what else it might be when you stamp it. Let your imagination take you to other places, and you might be pleasantly surprised. I hope you like it.

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