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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Proud Mom

My son and two of his friends playing their trombones
in my shop, Your Staming Cottage, spring 2012.
Many of you know that my son is an accomplished trombone player.  He has played since Middle School when I insisted he do band or chorus.  He didn't want to do either.  I was determined he was NOT going to sit around playing video games and I gave him no choice other then "band or chorus". He chose band.  He chose trombone. 

Many, many hours of practice.  Notes that I thought would make me lose my mind.  Over and over and over again.  "Please, enough for today."  "I've got to practice." "Oh my gosh, use the mute you had me buy you."  "It isn't the same."  Years.  Years. I say years of this!   He fell in love with this instrument.  We rented one.  He saved his money and paid for half of the first one he ever bought.  I believe he still owns the old Yamaha.  Of course we got him a much better one for graduation from high school. (They're very expensive, lol)  Then while getting his undergraduate degree in performance and education he bought a better one. 

He's been in marching band for way too many years.  He was in a ska band in high school.  He was in The Cliftones while in college.  They won the Cincinnati Entertainer of the Year Award for reggae music the year he was in it.  (They also won again this year, without him)  He had several graduate schools recruit him and he chose the one with the person he had dreamed of studying with.  He moved last June to the Boston area and was immediately recruited by another reggae/rock band.  (hey, it helps pay the rent). On weekends they play all over the New England area.  He's also in a Brass Quintet.  He takes his music VERY seriously and dreams of being in an orchestra/philharmonic someday.  He would like to teach college eventually. 

He has just been honored by becoming the Creativity Foundation's Legacy Award winner for his conservatory.  This is a HUGE honor.  Check out www.creativity-found.org for more information.  I copied this from their website - "Benjamin Franklin's Legacy is the symbolic link from extraordinarily creative Laureates, who explain and inspire creativity, to those curious, innovative and motivated individuals at the start of their careers who deserve greater recognition, encouragement, and mentoring. The Legacy's Mission derives from the 1789 codicil to Benjamin Franklin's will, which helps creative youths advance to fulfill their potential and to perpetuate the Mission."

The letter from the dean had this quote in it, we "are asked annually to nominate students and representatives of outstanding distinction, individuals who bring clarity, vision, and accomplishment to their work and lives. It is clear you embody these attributes in abundance. "

My son chose me to be his mom when he was 19 years old.  I'd been his step-mom for 9 years.  I adopted him and became his legal mom at the age of 20. I am so thrilled that he chose me.  I'm so proud of him and thank God every day for bringing him into my life.

Thank you for letting me brag about my wonderful son.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Card for my Valentine

 Holly Berry House is one of my FAVORITE stamp companies!  I love all the different things you can do with their stamps.  I have used them in classes many times and used them for my daughters wedding invitations as well as her favors and programs for her wedding.  I have made favors for other weddings with them.  They are located in Colorado Springs, Colorado and as you know I was just out there two weeks ago. But more on that in another post ;).

I have had this heart stamp for several years and have never used it.  It is quite large and, frankly, I was a bit intimidated by it.  However, I gave in and made this card for my wonderful husband.  Using Versamark, I stamped the imaged on different shades of pink and embossed it with Sparkle n Sprinkle's white detail embossing powder.  I fussy cut the hearts out, going smaller and smaller on each color. 

I stamped the word love, which I believe is from a Hero Arts set, using Versamark and some random pink embossing powder that I've had for 7+ years.  I used Washi tape acrosss the top of the square card and attached the largest of the heart images.  I then used pop dots or foam tape to attach each additional layer.  I love the way it turned out and my husband loved it, too. 

Monday, February 11, 2013

Online Store Is Up and Running

There are stamps on the online store as of today!  WhooHoo!  Every day I will try to add more stamps to sell.  Remember that once a stamp (set) is gone, I may not have another one like it, so don't hesitate to get it when you can.  I literally have thousands of stamps to list for sale on the store so you will never get bored.  There will be other things for sale on there also, so keep an eye on it.

Also, check out the gallery and the blog there.  Tutorials will be coming soon!  Have a great day!!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Changes in the works...

Mikaela 12-26-12
Grandma & Mikaela 12-26-12
As my company has changed the past year, so have my priorities (as you can see by the pictures of my beautiful grandaughter). 

I have launched a new website:  www.cshorecreations.com
If you go to the website there is a blog, gallery, tutorials, store, calendar and more being added all the time.  The online store will be up with product Monday, February 11, 2013.  I will be blogging there daily regarding crafting/stamping/scrapbooking.  This blog, www.ramonabonita.blogspot.com will become more of a personal journal for me. 

I am going to make every effort to blog here as well as there as much as possible.  There are changes in the works.  In my life, my husband's life, my children's lives, my friends' lives.  I will share my thoughts here and who knows what else.  Join me as I embrace these changes.