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Monday, June 11, 2012

MA Evans in CT

The infamous washi tape!
Sitting on the porch with Curt's birdhouse!
"Where did you get these towers for your inkpads?"

View through the FRONT door of the house!

Bedroom chest of drawers full of ribbon.

"Of course, Margy got this for you."
     Stopped in Connecticut to visit MA Evans from the Gingerwood Board yesterday afternoon!  MaryAnn has been to the shop the past two years and spent the day.  We met on Gingerwood several years ago and it just so happens that she had met a dear friend of mine, Margy, online also.  She and Margy became extremely close and Mary Ann visits her once a year.  She sends goodies to Ink or Dye which is the stamp club Margy and I belong to.  Of course, she’s not going to come to NKY and not visit me and the shop!  Year before last, she came to Your Stamping Cottage the day before she went to Stampaway so that she could get the BEST deals.  She spent quite a bit and then went to Stampaway thinking she wouldn’t spend as much there.  She was wrong!  Lol

     After seeing her stamp room (house) I see why she couldn’t resist all the great deals at the shop as well as Stampaway.  Truly, I thought I had a lot of stamps.  I have none.  Not one.  I must buy more to try and keep up, lol.  OMG!  She has binders and binders and binders and drawers and drawers and drawers and more and more.  And then there’s ribbon.  Holy Cow!  In her bedroom, she has a chest of drawers.  Don’t we all?  No clothes.  Drawers, everyone of them, filled with ribbon!!!  The dies, the inks, the tools, the material, the paper,  the toys, the … EVERYTHING!  The kitchen had stamping stuff, the laundry room had stamping stuff, the bedroom, the AMAZING stamp room and we didn’t even go upstairs where there is MORE! 

     Her home is gorgeous.  Located in the middle of nowhere, Salem, CT, everywhere you look are trees and stone fences and across the road are horses.  She even has an outhouse.  Of course she sent back a box of stuff for Margy with me, including a stone!  Yeah, a stone from her yard.  And she gave me one out of her garden for my garden.  I even had her sign it for me with a sharpie!  What a doll!  You gotta love her!  The hubby and I had a nice visit with her, sitting on the porch in the rockers, the breeze blowing, the wonderfulness of being with another great friend I met through this crazy hobby I have.  Life is good!

A laugh with "The Ruler"!


kybarb said...

Loved seeing MA's stamp room and she has MORE in the rest of the house? OMG! I thought I had too much stuff! HA!

Great photo of you and Paul!

Safe travels

Margy said...

What an awesome visit! No you see why I said you had to see "the room"!
She has more than 6 of us combined.
I love how this stamping world brought us all together.