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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I Love Peacock Feathers

I don't know what it is about peacock feathers other than I'm blown away by the colors.  The past several years I've really been drawn to them.  All my artwork now has a feather somewhere on it.  Margy gave me the prettiest photo of a peacock from the Cinci Zoo that she took, blew up, painted the frame and spritz it with glimmer spray.  So cool.  Hangs in the shop.  Beth found a metal embossed peacock mounted on wood at Good Will.  Brought it to me, I took it home and repainted it with Smooch.  Really cool.  Hangs in the shop.  Peacock feather butterfly on the cash register.  Peacock feather in the brochure holder.  Peacock feather fans over the markers.  You get the picture, lol.  Weeelllllllll....about a year ago I was talking to Marsha about peacocks and she mentioned that she has some in her neighborhood, way up north of Cincinnati, and they scream, and they make a mess and they molt.   They lose their feathers.  OMGosh!  So I say to Marsha, if you ever get the chance, I would love to have a real peacock feather.  Time passes....and passes....and passes....basically I forgot about this conversation.  (I know that doesn't surprise some of you, lol)  Last Thursday, Marsha's daughter Lindsey comes in the shop to bring some more stamps from her mom for consignment and she is followed by her fiance who is carrying a LARGE bag of ... ready for this?....PEACOCK FEATHERS!!! Oh my!! They are gorgeous! And so many!  I went right out and got a vase for them and spent Friday arranging them.  They are now in the class room. Marsha, thank you from the bottom of my heart!  I am sharing some pictures with ya'll so you can enjoy them too.  Have a great Wednesday!


Margy said...

OMG - they are awesome and right up your alley!

kybarb said...

OOOOOOOOHHH--I love peacock feathers too! That is a gorgeous big bunch of them! Have you seen all the Christmas decor made with them? (and some really bad attempts too --ICK!)