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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Hero Arts Class

Hero Arts came out with these cute clear stamp sets with BLING! I love bling! I created these three cards with three of the sets, and if you took the class you received the Hello Birdie set (the one with the blue bird) for free. These are small sets and they come with the flower bling to put on the cards. The class was last night, so I'm sharing the cards here with you now that it's over. The Hello Birdie set has four different birds in it. The You Hoo set (owl) comes with three different owls and then there is the cupcake set. I think I like it the best! It has a large cupcake and a small cupcake. I don't know if you can see it in the picture, but I had to add glitter to the icing and lettering. Each set comes with more stamps, like branches, or swirlies, or words. Really cute and a great price. I hope you like them.
For a report of my patio Robins (see post below), sad to say but we started out with three eggs in the nest and due to lots of rain and wind the pole holding the geranium fell over and one egg fell out. We set the pole back up and watched nervously as mommy sat on the two remaining eggs. One hatched and one didn't. As a matter of fact it's still in the nest. Did you know when the beautiful blue Robin's egg doesn't hatch it turns an ugly shade of blue. Kinda hard to describe...maybe Tempting Turquoise and you've taken a Night of Navy pad and blotched (word?) it up with it. (I never claimed to be an english major, that would be my daughter, lol)
The egg that hatched had a really ugly baby bird in it. ( Ihave to be honest, no feathers, really ugly) but then it got feathers and mommy took care of it, and about 5 days ago it just wasn't there anymore. No feathers on the ground, so I assume it made it out of the nest safely.
Out of the nest safely. Makes me think of my own children. It's what we want for all our children. I guess the problem arises when they leave the nest and we can't protect them anymore. Enough for today. Have a great Thursday. I'm teaching Denami Designs June board tonight, so it should be fun. Really cute board!

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