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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Home Again!

What a wonderful time I had with my girls as we celebrated their 25th and 24th birthdays together!  I've never had "empty nest syndrom", but there are time when I really miss them.  Hard to believe that Justin will be gone in August!  Paul and I are looking forward to the time alone, but how weird it will be.  Oh well, just more time for STAMPING!!!

I will be re-opening the shop today.  Hopefully illness and I know traveling are out of the way for a while.  January is always a downer for me.  I suppose it's the holidays being over.  But February always makes me smile!  Love is in the air.  I have the most amazing husband; the most awesome children (even with all their drama, lol); and the most wonderful friends, students, customers, a person could ever hope for!!! 

As February comes flying in on the wings of a songbird, literally, (where the heck was winter?), let's make a pledge to see each other and have some fun!  You know where to find me :)


Margy said...

I am with you ... I pledge. See you soon!

Margy said...

I agree - I pledge! See you soon...

Happy Little Trees Studio said...

Before we started coming to Florida, I would go crazy in February. Glad things are looking up for you AND that the weather has been fairly pleasant up there.